Cnames (Deprecated)

Cnames reports have been deprecated as of 10/31/2012. Data is no longer collected for these reports and support for them will slowly be phased out. However, for the purpose of viewing historical data, these reports will remain available for a reasonable time period after end-of-life.

The Custom Reports module may be used to generate reports on edge CNAMEs. A prerequisite for this report is the identification of the edge CNAME configurations for which report data will be logged.

The Cnames report provides data transferred statistics for each edge CNAME. Upon generating a report, a bar chart for the top 10 CNAMEs over which data was transferred over a given time period will be generated. This bar chart allows a quick assessment on the CNAMEs that generate the most amount of traffic.

This report excludes data for transactions that did not complete during the requested time period, even if the transaction started before or during the time period covered by the report.

The left-hand side of the graph (y-axis) indicates how much data was transferred per edge CNAME. Directly below the graph (x-axis), you will find a label for each of the top 10 CNAMEs.

You can view the amount of data transferred on a specific edge CNAME over a particular time frame by hovering over the desired bar.

The total number of hits and the total amount of data transferred is reported for each CNAME directly below the bar chart.