Real-Time Alerts

A real-time alert is designed to provide you with real-time notification as to current trends in the network traffic for your account. Before you can start receiving notifications, you will need to define one or more real-time alerts. Each alert consists of the following elements:

The configuration of real-time alerts requires the Reports: Real-Time Stats privilege. However, any user with a valid email address can receive a real-time alert notification.

Alert Criteria

Alert criteria defines a platform and the condition that must be met before a notification will be sent out. The specified condition will only be monitored on the selected platform.


An alert may be configured to send out an email notification when customers receive more than 50 5xx status codes every second on the HTTP Large platform.

Alert Notification Definition

An alert also defines the method and the content of the notification that will be sent out. A customizable notification may be sent via email or by posting an HTTP request to a web server.