Bandwidth Throttling

This capability requires Rules Engine - Advanced Rules which must be purchased separately. Contact your CDN account manager to activate it.

Category: Caching

Purpose: Determines whether the response provided by our edge servers will be throttled after a predefined time interval.

This feature should not be leveraged on requests that throttle bandwidth through query string parameters (i.e., ec_rate and ec_prebuf).

Both of the following options must be defined to properly set up bandwidth throttling.

Option Description

Prebuf seconds

Set this option to the number of seconds that our edge servers will wait until throttling bandwidth.

The purpose of this time period of unrestricted bandwidth is to prevent a media player from experiencing stuttering or buffering issues due to bandwidth throttling.

Kbytes per second

Set this option to the maximum bandwidth (Kb per second) that may be used to deliver the response.

Default Behavior: Off.