Stale While Revalidate

This capability requires Rules Engine - Advanced Rules which must be purchased separately. Contact your CDN account manager to activate it.

Category: Caching

Purpose: Improves performance by allowing our edge servers to serve stale content to the requester while revalidationCache revalidation is the process through which an edge server checks the origin server for a newer version of a cached asset. Revalidation is triggered when the TTL for the requested content has expired. takes place.

Configure this feature by specifying an integer value and then selecting the desired time unit (i.e., seconds, minutes, hours, etc.). This value defines the length of time past TTL expiration during which stale content may be delivered.

The following formula indicates the length of time during which stale content may be delivered:

Each stale response includes a Warning response header.

Default Behavior: Revalidation must take place before the requested content can be served.