CDN Origin

Category: Origin

Purpose: Identifies requests for content stored on CDN storage.

This match condition is met when the request URI leverages the content access pointThis URL segment of a CDN URL identifies where the request should be directed. This relative path starts directly after the CDN hostname. The proper syntax for a content access point is "/yyAN," where "yy" stands for the origin identifier and "AN" stands for a customer account number. A content access point for a customer origin also includes a directory that identifies it. (e.g., /000001) defined in this match condition.

The content access point identifies the service that should serve the requested content.

A rule should not contain multiple origin match conditions (i.e., CDN Origin and Customer Origin). This type of configuration would create a match pattern that could never be satisfied.
An exception occurs when using else if statements via the "Select First Match" option.


The following sample configuration assumes that this match condition is satisfied when a request matches the specified value.

Setting this match condition to "/000001" will match the following request:

http://wpc.0001Represents your customer account