Rule Navigation

A navigation bar will appear on the left-hand side of the screen when a draft or policy contains more than 3 rules.




Scroll to Top

Scrolls to the first rule in the draft or policy.

Scroll to Rule Number

Scrolls to a specific rule.

To scroll to a specific rule

  1. Click on this icon.
  2. Type the number of the desired rule.
  3. Hit ENTER.

Scroll to Bottom

Scrolls to the last rule in the draft or policy.

Collapse All Rules

Collapse all rules in the draft or policy to only display a header bar.

One use for this capability is to make it easier to reorganize rules by dragging and dropping them.

Expand All Rules

Expands all rules in a draft or policy to display the logic on how requests will be identified and the set of actions that will be applied to those requests.

Expand a single rule by clicking on the that appears directly to the right of the rule number in the header bar (e.g., Rule 1 ).