Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder Parameters and Multi-Bit Rate Encoding

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder supports the use of parameters when naming a stream. The use of parameters while encoding multiple bit rates allows you to use information about the bit rate to identify it.


Including a parameter as a part of the stream name is recommended when encoding multiple bit rates. It should appear prior to the live authentication key as demonstrated below.


The above stream name will append the total bit rate value to the term "MyStreamName." For example, if you are encoding three bit rates whose total bit rate values are 250, 500, and 750, then your streams would be called:


The following table describes the various parameters supported by Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

Parameter Description


Represents a bit rate's sequential index value (e.g., 1, 2, and 3). The index value assigned to a bit rate can be viewed directly to the left of its settings.


Represents the video bit rate.


Represents the output frame size.


Represents the audio bit rate.


Represents the audio sample rate.


Represents the total bit rate (i.e., audio + video bit rate).

The above information was derived from Adobe's online documentation.