The Route solution consists of the following modules:

Managed (Primary) or Secondary DNS Module

This module allows:

This module contains the following components:

Component Description

Standard Routing

This component is applicable to all zones that do not leverage our load balancing/failover capabilities or advanced policies.

Adaptive Availability

This component allows traffic management (i.e., load balancing or failover) for:

  • Address or CNAME records of a primary zone hosted by our Route solution.
  • A CNAME record or subdomain of a primary zone hosted by another DNS service provider.

This module excludes zones on which advanced policies have been applied. Once an advanced policy has been applied to a zone, it falls under the Advanced Policy Routing component.

Advanced Policy Routing

Identifies zones that leverage advanced policies that allow routing based on IP address, country, ASN, IP groups, network groups, POP, or IP type. This type of zone can also leverage our load balancing/failover capabilities.

Advanced policy setup requires the engagement of our Professional Services team.

DNS Health Checks Module

The health of a server/domain that is part of a load balancing or failover configuration can be probed by polling it with an HTTP or TCP request. If the majority of our servers deem it to be unfit to serve traffic, then this module will take the following action: