Switching DNS Provider

Creating a zone will not automatically redirect DNS traffic to our Route name servers. Once a zone is ready to handle production traffic, its traffic needs to be directed to our Route name servers by changing the name servers at your domain registrar. This may require the creation of glue records, which are also known as Host or Name Server records. This type of record should identify either of the following:

Vanity Name Servers

Upon creating a primary or secondary zone, our Route solution automatically creates NS records for each of our vanity name servers. Delegate your primary or secondary zone by pointing your glue records to our vanity name servers. The naming convention for our vanity name servers varies according to whether you are delegating a primary or secondary zone.

Zone Type Naming Convention






We provide 4 vanity name servers and each one may fulfill IPv4 and IPv6 requests. As a result, our vanity name servers leverage 8 IP addresses to serve your zone. The following sample scenarios provide a listing of the IP addresses in use by our vanity name servers.

Information on how to delegate a domain is provided below.

Route-Branded Name Servers

A primary zone may be delegated to our Route-branded name servers instead of vanity name servers.

DNS testing tools may warn that stealth name servers have been detected. This warning is due to the presence of our vanity name servers within your zone. These vanity name servers cannot be modified or deleted.

Domain Delegation

The exact procedure through which you can define glue records for your domain varies by domain registrar. This section provides procedural information for GoDaddy and Dyn.

For more information, please refer to the documentation provided by your DNS service provider.