Best Practices for Ultra High-Definition Streaming

This article describes best practices for setting up on-demand streaming of Ultra-High Definition (UHD) media.

Best Practices

Encode your content using the following configuration:

Setting Recommendation

Segment duration

2 - 4 seconds

Key frame interval

It should not exceed the segment duration.


Leverage dynamic streamingAllows a media player to dynamically switch between bit rate streams of varying quality levels, in order to provide an optimal viewing experience based on a client’s bandwidth and CPU usage. by:

  1. Encoding your content using bitrates of varying quality.

    Our bitrate recommendation for your highest quality video should fall in between the following range:

    • 4K: 15 to 25 Mbps
    • 8K: 30 to 40 Mbps

    Encoding media at a bitrate that is 50 Mbps or higher may cause a long start up delay, frequent re-buffering, audio/video sync issues, and video streaming interruptions.

  2. Identifying each asset within your playback URL.

    Learn more.

Set up your CDN environment as indicated below.

Setting Recommendation
Storage location

Store your on-demand content on the web server(s) associated with a customer origin configuration.

Serving your content from your web servers allows you to leverage Origin ShieldThis feature provides a layer of protection for a customer origin server by creating an intermediate caching layer between it and our edge servers. This caching layer resides on one or more of our point-of-presence (POPs). Requests that have not been previously cached on a POP will be channelled through the closest origin shield server. The origin shield server will then either serve a cached version of the requested content or retrieve it from a customer origin server. This feature shifts the network load from the customer origin server to the CDN, since most requests will be handled by the origin shield server..

Origin Shield

Enable Origin Shield and set it to the POP closest to the web servers associated with the above customer origin configuration.

Leveraging Origin Shield improves delivery performance by reducing the number of requests that need to be served by your web servers.