Purging Live and On-Demand Content

Content streamed over Dynamic Cloud Packaging may be purged from our network. Purging this type of content:

Purging an Instance

The following types of files are generated by Dynamic Cloud Packaging:

A player URL typically points to a master manifest file. This means that purging the player URL will not purge the majority of the content that was published by an encoder. In order to properly purge this content, the entire publishing location should be purged. This type of purge request is achieved through the use of a recursive purge (i.e., /*).

Purge syntax is provided below.

Key information:


The following example demonstrates how to purge a live event.

Player URL:

http://wpc.0001.{Base Domain}/240001/myinstance/mystream.m3u8

Purge the instance:

http://wpc.0001.{Base Domain}/240001/myinstance/*
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