Finding and Viewing Incidents

Information on how to view an incident is provided below.

If you cannot find the desired open incident, then you can perform a search for it. A search for open incidents can be performed from the My Company Incidents page.

Copy a URL that will directly open a particular ticket by viewing the desired ticket, right-clicking in the Incident header bar and then selecting Copy URL from the context menu.

A search cannot be performed on closed incidents.

To search for an open incident

  1. From the side navigation tab, click My Company Incidents.
  2. Click on the Go to option that appears at the top of the page and then select one of the following options:

    Option Description

    for text

    Performs a full text search.

    Specify any word that might appear in the incident report.


    Performs a search by incident number.

    Specify the desired incident number starting with "INC" (e.g., INC0016). All incidents that start with the specified incident number will be returned.


    Performs a search by the date on which the incident was opened.

    Specify the desired date using the format indicated by the Opened column. Make sure to specify a properly formatted date (e.g., 2023-01-31), since partial dates will produce no results

    Short description

    Performs a full text search on the Short Description field.

    Specify the desired word or phrase.

  3. Press the ENTER key. The page will refresh with your results.