Setting an Expiration Date

Time-sensitive content may be assigned a token that expires after a specified time period. Requests that are submitted after the expiration date will be denied.

The Expire parameter (i.e., ec_expire) defines an expiration date and time by the number of seconds that have elapsed since Unix time (a.k.a. POSIX time or Unix epoch). Unix time starts on 1970-01-01 at 00:00:00 GMT.

Language-specific functions that provide Unix time conversions are widely available. However, at times it may be necessary to manually set this parameter or to troubleshoot an existing token. There are a variety of websites that provide conversion to and from standard time conventions to Unix time.

Sample Scenario

Set the Expire parameter to the following value to expire the token at 12/31/2015 12:00:00 GMT:


A request submitted after 12/31/2015 12:00:00 GMT will be denied if it leverages a token generated using the above parameter.