Cache Hit Ratio

The purpose of the Cache Hit Ratio report is to indicate the percentage of cacheable requests that were served directly from cache to the requester. In other words, the percentage of requests that met the following requirements:

This report excludes all of the following cases:

This report consists of a graph and statistical information on cache hits.

View the exact cache hit ratio on a given date by hovering over the hollow circles in the line graph.

The data that was used to generate the graph can be viewed directly below it. The date, total number of hits, total number of misses, and the cache hit percentage will be displayed for each plotted point in the graph.

Graph information:

To generate a Cache Hit Ratio report

  1. Load the Cache Hit Ratio report.

    1. From the main menu, navigate to Analytics | Core Reports.
    2. From the side navigation bar, expand Cache Hit Ratio and then select the desired platform and protocol combination (e.g., HTTPS Large).

    A graph will display the percentage of hits that result in an asset being served from cache for the selected platform(s) over the last week for all POPs.

  2. Optional. Use the Date Range option to define either a custom or predefined (e.g., This Week) time period for which report data will be generated.