Navigating within the MCC

Navigate the MCC using the following controls:

The following illustration indicates where to find these controls.

The main menu, which is located at the top of the portal, provides access to the set of services that have been activated on your account. If this menu contains more than three items, then an additional menu item called "More" will appear. The More menu, as illustrated below, contains a listing of all top-level menus.

Hovering over a menu will open a fly-out menu containing links for the pages associated with that category. Click on the desired menu item to navigate to that page.

Missing Menu Items

A menu item may not be available due to one of the following reasons:

Side Navigation Bar

A side navigation bar provides access to all of the pages associated with a particular service.

The following illustration indicates where the side navigation bar can be found.

User Settings Menu

Access the user settings menu by hovering over the customer account label from the upper-right hand corner of the MCC as illustrated below.

The syntax for this menu's label is:

Note your customer account number. The CDN URLs generated for your account make use of this value.

A brief description is provided below for each link in this menu.

Name Description

View Profile

Follow this link to:

Help and Support

This link provides access to our help centers that contain general usage and troubleshooting information on our CDN services. This page also contains a form through which a request for technical support may be submitted.

Go to API Client Dashboard

Loads the Identity dashboard.

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Follow this link to immediately end your current MCC session.