5xx Errors Report

The 5xx Errors report contains a bar graph that allows you to view the top 10 requests that resulted in a response code in the 500 range.

Typically, a 5xx response code occurs when a request is denied as a result of a server error. In CDN usage, the vast majority of response codes in the 500 range are generated from a customer origin server and proxied through an edge server to the HTTP client.

For each asset in the bar graph, you can get a quick sense of how many requests resulted in a 5xx response code by comparing the color-coded portions of the bar corresponding to it. The yellow portion of the bar indicates all of the requests that returned a 5xx response code for that asset. The remaining red portion represents the requests that returned a different response code for that asset.

The data that was used to generate the graph is displayed directly below it.

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