Delivering Content from CDN Storage Tutorial

Content uploaded to our storage service may be served via any of our delivery platforms.

This tutorial explains how to:

Upload Content

Content may be uploaded to our CDN storage solution using a SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) client or via rsync.

Navigate to the RSYNC page. ClosedHow?From the main menu, navigate to Storage | RSYNC.

Contact your CDN administrator if you cannot navigate to this page.

Note the hostname and user name provided within the RSYNC Instructions section.

From the desired SFTP client, select the SFTP protocol, provide the rsync hostname noted in the previous step, and provide your MCC user name (i.e., email address) and password.

Use the SFTP client to upload the desired content to CDN storage.

The recommended approach is to replicate the tree structure defined by your web server's virtual directory. This approach allows you to quickly shift traffic over by performing the following steps:

  1. Create an edge CNAME configuration.
  2. Update an existing CNAME record to point to a CDN hostname.

Create an Edge CNAME Configuration

Create an edge CNAME configuration that will direct traffic to CDN storage. This URL allows traffic to be shifted to the CDN by simply updating a CNAME record to point to a CDN hostnameRefers to a system-defined hostname that is specific to your customer account and a CDN service..

Navigate to Edge CNAME Settings

An edge CNAME configuration only allows delivery over the platform on which it is created.

Navigate to the Edge CNAMEs page corresponding to the desired platform. ClosedHow?From the main menu, navigate to [HTTP Large, HTTP Small, or ADN] | Edge CNAMEs.

Name an Edge CNAME

An edge CNAME configuration should be named after the hostname defined in the desired CNAME record.

This name should be specified in lower-case letters and should not include a protocol (i.e., http://).

In the New Edge Cname option, type the hostname through which traffic will be served.

New Edge CNAME Option - Edge CNAME Configuration

Select CDN Storage

This step configures the edge CNAME to serve requests from CDN storage.

In the Points to option, verify that "CDN Origin" is selected.

In the Origin Directory option, select "00ANThis term represents your customer account number (e.g., 0001) which can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the MCC. (CDN Origin)."

Save Changes

Create an edge CNAME by saving your changes.

Click Add.

An edge CNAME that points to CDN storage should appear at the top of the Edge CNAMEs page.

New Edge CNAME

Wait an hour to allow your changes to be applied before proceeding beyond this point.

Update a CNAME Record via a DNS Service Provider

Switching traffic over to our CDN service requires updating a CNAME record to point to an edge CNAME .

From the Edge CNAMEs page, copy the hostname defined under the Points To column.

Load your DNS service provider's portal.

Find the CNAME record corresponding to the edge CNAME created above (e.g.,

Update the CNAME's value to resolve to the CDN hostname copied above.

Your DNS service provider should provide settings similar to those shown below.

Once this DNS change takes effect, traffic will shift to our CDN service.