URL Redirect

Category: URL

Purpose: Redirects requests via the Location header.

This capability requires Rules Engine - Advanced Rules which must be purchased separately. Contact your CDN account manager to activate it.


The configuration of this feature requires setting the following options:

Option Description


Identify requests that will be redirected via a relative path. This relative path, which starts directly after the hostname in the CDN URL, is shown in blue font below.


Verify that the specified pattern doesn't conflict with the parent match conditions defined for this feature.

Valid syntax varies according to the number of customer origins that you would like to match.

You may only define a customer origin using a literal value (e.g., marketing) or one of the regular expressions patterns defined above. All other regular expression syntax is disallowed when defining a customer origin. This limitation does not apply to the relative path defined after the content access point.


Define the URL path to which the above requests will be redirected.

Dynamically construct this URL path using:

It is highly recommended to use an absolute URLThis type of URL identifies a resource (e.g., asset or file) using the following format: scheme://server/path/resource (e.g., http://cdn.mydomain.com/sales/presentation.pdf).. The use of a relative URL may redirect CDN URLs to an invalid path.

URL encoding should not be applied to the specified URL.


Select the response code that will be returned to the requester.