URL Path Directory Wildcard

Category: URL

Purpose: Identifies requests by whether the requested URL points to a relative path that matches a pattern defined by a wildcardThis type of value supports the use of special characters to establish a pattern. For example, specifying an asterisk within this type of value will match one or more characters. value. This relative path excludes the filename of the requested assetA file is the most commonly known example of an asset. Refers to any collection of data that is typically stored as a single unit on a storage unit (e.g., disk drive). An example of an asset that is not physically stored on a disk drive occurs when dynamically generated content is not cached..

Choosing the right URL path match condition.

Key information:

Sample Scenarios

Sample scenarios are provided below.

The following sample configurations assume that this match condition is satisfied when a request matches one of the specified values.

Value Relative To Result

*/Location1/ */Location2/

Root or Origin

This pattern will be satisfied when the parent folder for the requested asset is called either "Location1" or "Location2."



This pattern will be satisfied when the requested asset meets the following criteria:

  • It must reside on a customer origin called "origin."
  • The relative path must start with a folder called "text." In other words, the requested asset may either reside in the "text" folder or one of its recursive subfolders.

*/css/* */js/*

Root or Origin

This pattern will be satisfied by all CDN or edge CNAME URLs containing a css or js folder.

/images/* /media/*


This pattern will be satisfied by CDN or edge CNAME URLs whose relative path starts with an "images" or "media" folder.


http://wpc.0001Represents your customer account number..edgecastcdn.net/800001Represents your customer account number./myorigin/images/sales/event1.png

Sample Edge CNAME URL:


*css* *js* *images* *media*

Root or Origin

This pattern will be satisfied by CDN or edge CNAME URLs that contain one or more of the following values in the relative path: css, js, images, or media.

The following sample URL path would be a match for this criteria due to the presence of "js":

  • /jsmith/folder1