URL Path Match Conditions

There are several types of match conditions used to identify a request based on its URL path. This section identifies the key differences between each of these match conditions.

The following table indicates for each match condition which parts of a URL can be matched and whether it supports the use of special characters when defining the match criteria.

Name Relative Path File Name File Extension Special Characters Regular Expressions

URL Path Literal



URL Path Regex

URL Path Wildcard

URL Path Directory Literal


URL Path Directory Wildcard

URL Path Extension Literal


URL Path Extension Wildcard




URL Path Filename Literal



URL Path Filename Wildcard



The following table provides additional tips on when to use the above match conditions.

Filter Requests By Recommended Match Condition(s)

The relative path to the requested content.

URL Path [Literal | Regex | Wildcard]

The relative path to the requested content's parent folder.

URL Path Directory [Literal | Regex | Wildcard]

The requested content's filename.

URL Path Filename [Literal | Wildcard]

The requested content's file extension.

URL Path Extension [Literal | Wildcard]