Secondary DNS configuration requires the creation of the following items:

Item Description Task(s)

Master Server Group

Allows the grouping of master name servers. A master server group defines the set of name servers from which zone data can be transferred.

  1. Create a master server group.
  2. Add at least one master server to it.

Secondary Zone Group

Defines the set of secondary zones that will be imported from the name servers that make up a master server group.

A secondary zone may only be modified or deleted from its corresponding secondary zone group.

Create a secondary zone group and then perform the following steps:

  1. Assign a master server group to it.
  2. If needed, add/assign TSIG keys.
  3. Define each zone that will be transferred to our Route name servers.

Upon saving a secondary zone group, a full zone transfer (AXFR) will be performed for each new zone. Each secondary zone will contain the following:

Key information: