Broadcasting Encoded Media (Encoder)

Once an instance configuration has been created, an encoder (i.e., Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2) may publish one or more streams to it.

Basic encoder configuration consists of:

Please refer to your encoder's documentation for detailed setup information.

Defining an Encoder's Output

The video output generated by an encoder defines the viewing experience. Key settings that require special attention are:

Defining the CDN Ingest Location & Stream Name(s)

The Dynamic Cloud Packaging - Live page provides a set of publishing point URLs for each instance configuration. Use these URLs when pushing an encoder's media output to our service.

Key information:

To define an encoder's output location

  1. Navigate to the Dynamic Cloud Packaging - Live page.
  2. Find the desired instance and then copy the publishing point URL.
  3. Perform the following steps to define the CDN ingest location:

    1. Paste the publishing point URL into the FMS URL option.
    2. Delete "/<streamName>?<Live Authentication Key>" from the FMS URL option.

      The FMS URL option should now look like:

  4. Perform the following steps to define the streams that will be generated:

    1. From the Stream option, type the name by which the stream will be identified.

      Multi-bit Rate: Please append %b to the stream name when encoding multiple bit rates.

    2. Append a question mark to the stream name.
    3. Append a Live Authentication key directly after the question mark.

      The Stream option should now look like:

  5. Double-check your encoder's media output settings and then start encoding the live stream.