Live Streaming Overview

Live streaming is the process through which a live event is streamed to your clients via our network. The basic steps in this process are listed below.

  Phase Description



A live event is captured.


A video camera records a live event.


Encode & Push

  1. An encoder's source is set to the media captured in the previous phase.
  2. The encoder encodes the media into a format supported by the desired platform or service.
  3. The encoder pushes the encoded media to an ingest server on our network.



As the encoded stream is ingested, it is streamed throughout our network.



Authorized playback requests for a live stream are streamed via our network.

Basic Configuration Overview

In order to configure live streaming, you will need to do the following:

  1. Configure our CDN to ingest your encoded video.
  2. Set up a media source.
  3. Set up an encoder.
    1. Identify the media source.
    2. Define each desired bit rate stream.
    3. Define the publishing point (ingest location and stream name) to which the stream will be published.
    4. Start encoding the media.
  4. Set up a media player.

This section primarily deals with how to configure our CDN to ingest encoded video. However, aspects of encoder and player configuration that are specific to our CDN are also touched upon in this section.

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