Reporting CDN Service Issues

Service issues may be reported from the homepage of our support center by creating an incident. This new incident will be placed in a queue and it will be assigned to the appropriate personnel shortly.

Prior to creating an incident, we highly recommend that you gather basic and platform-specific information about your issue. This will help our support technicians to expedite the resolution of your incident.

Update an incident at any time by opening the incident and then typing the desired information into the Additional comments option.

To create an incident ticket

  1. From the home page, click Create Incident.
  2. Click Delivery.
  3. In the Short description option, provide an overview of the incident. This should be a one or two sentence summary of the issue.
  4. In the Issue Details option, provide detailed information about the performance problem as described in the Trouble Ticket Information article.
  5. Click Submit to inform support personnel of your issue. The Incident page will display the submitted incident.

Please make sure to provide sufficient information in step 4. If additional information is needed, then support personnel will need to contact you before they can start diagnosing your CDN account.