Troubleshooting 5xx Responses

5xx status codes are generated by the web server associated with a customer origin configuration. By default, our edge servers will forward a 5xx response to requesterRefers to the user that requested content.s when a web server is unavailable and one of the following conditions are met:

5xx responses are not typically related to our CDN service and must be resolved by a webmaster or system administrator.


Mitigate the effects of an unavailable web server by configuring it to:

The Origin Shield feature also helps mitigate 5xx responses by providing an additional caching layer from which a cached response may be served to requesters.

Learn more about Origin Shield (Customer Origin Group / Legacy).

Troubleshooting a Network Issue

A 5xx response may be a result of a network issue between the web server and the CDN.

Perform a traceroute from the web server experiencing issues.

Service Description


Perform a traceroute to the primary ADN Gateway server as defined in the corresponding customer origin configuration.

Learn more.

HTTP Large & HTTP Small

Perform a traceroute to the desired platform-specific domain.

Learn more.

Origin Shield

If Origin Shield has been enabled on the corresponding customer origin configuration, then perform a traceroute to that Origin Shield POP.

Learn more.

A traceroute that reveals excessive latency is indicative of broader network issues

Status Codes

Additional information for specific 5xx status codes is provided below.

Status Code Description

500 Internal Server

Indicates that the web server experienced an error that prevented it from serving the requested content.

503 Service Unavailable

Indicates that the web server is overloaded or down for maintenance.

504 Gateway Timeout

Indicates that a timely response was not received from the web server.

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