Real-Time Log Delivery (RTLD)

Real-Time Log Delivery (RTLD) delivers log data in near real-time to a variety of destinations. It consists of two modules, which are:

RTLD delivers compressed log data to one or more of the following destination(s):

Log data consists a set of log entries. Each entry describes either:

If our service is unable to deliver log data, then we will store it for up to 3 days and deliver it when communication resumes. If we cannot deliver log data within 3 days, then it will be permanently deleted.

Quick Start

Setting up log delivery consists of the following steps:

  1. Decide on and prepare the service or web server(s) to which log data will be delivered.
  2. If required, gather authentication information for the above destination.
  3. Create a log delivery profile for the above destination.

Log Delivery Profiles

A log delivery profile identifies:

Multiple Profiles

You may create multiple profiles. This allows you to:

Key information: