Custom Request Handling via Rules Engine

Purpose: Rules Engine is designed to be the final authority on how specific types of requests are processed by the CDN.

Common Uses:

Although Rules Engine is supported on all HTTP-based platforms (i.e., HTTP Large, HTTP Small, and ADN), each configuration is specific to a single platform. For example, a policyRules Engine: Refers to a read-only version of a set of rules that identify requests and the set of actions that can be applied to them. A policy may be applied to either the Staging or Production environment. created for the HTTP Large platform will not affect how requests to the HTTP Small platform are handled and vice-versa.

Getting Started

Setting up Rules Engine involves the following steps:

  1. Create a draft that identifies the type of requests to which a set of actions will be applied.
  2. Once the draft has been finalized, convert it into a policy by locking it.
  3. Optional. Test the configuration by deploying the policy to the Staging environment.
  4. Apply the configuration to live traffic by deploying the policy to the Production environment.

View setup workflow.

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