Content Delivery

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides three specialized delivery platforms through which data may be efficiently transferred to your users.

Please contact your CDN account manager for recommendations on how to set up your CDN configuration to maximize web site performance.

Our edge servers do not execute server-side scripts.

Services and Features

Take advantage of our services and features to gain the following benefits and/or capabilities:


Establish custom actions for each type of request via Rules Engine.

This feature allows you to:


Protect data delivered through our network.


View reports and gather log data on CDN usage via Analytics.

Use this suite to:

  • Monitor and analyze data delivery patterns and usage.

  • Gather log data.

    Real-Time Log Delivery

    Deliver log data in near real-time to your web server, an AWS S3 bucket, an Azure block blob, Splunk Enterprise, or Sumo Logic.


Stream content over HTTP.

DNS Administration

Set up DNS via Route.

Use our reliable, high performance, and secure DNS service to manage primary/secondary zones and load balance/failover traffic.

Platform Compatibility

Some features are only compatible with certain delivery platforms.

More Information